September 2008 Meeting Minutes

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Secretary Report – no meeting minutes from August meeting to review.  Stephanie Pauley absent due to work.  Paula Eyerman filled in to take minutes.

Presidents Report:  Tina Melvin absent – Allyson Walters conducted meeting.

    Passed around attendance sheet – 21 attendees

    Board and Parent introductions

    Allyson thanked all for help during the Ice Cream Social

    We will be voting on the Bylaw Amendments next meeting.

501c3 status will still take about 7-9 more months until completion

    Fall Skating Party (at Big Walnut Skate Club) – tentative date set for Thursday, October 23, 2008.  Will ask Tina Melvin to make contact to confirm the date.

    Fall Fundraiser pick up 10/21 (same as October Market Day) –reminder to send no money with children to school. 

Vice President Report – Allyson Walters

    Family Fun Night – animal land, blow-ups, entry fee.  Motioned and approved that each student selling 4 items from fundraiser will get free entry ticket.  Date for Family Fun Night needs confirmed, Allyson contacting John Frys office to get available dates.

    Discount Cards are available – Paula Eyerman will contact Christine Evans to get them purchased (200 to start at $5 our cost and $10 sale price).  We will sell at conference nights, bookfair; Paula will put a note in the newsletter that they are available for sale.  If any members would like them to sell they need to purchase them upfront.

    School Store was brought up and asked for volunteers weekly or monthly to sell items.  PTO needs to do an inventory.  No one stepped forward at this time to volunteer.

    New ideas for this year were requested.  The following were suggested:

    • Personalized Books – Debbie Collett has a contact that can produce those and turn around quickly – getting information for PTO.  PTO would like to use these at Secret Santa event if possible.
    • Candles – ½ price and shipping were suggested
    • Formal Evening Dinner as a fundraiser – catering, subsidized, maybe use JVS Culinary students, and use Pacer Pals or such group for group babysitting. Gives parents a chance to know all other parents in Conger community.
    • Restaurant nights – Max & Ermas, Hoggys, Marcos all have offered similar nights in the past and we could do this monthly or just once. 

Treasurer – Matt Williams

    Matt reviewed the Income/Expense Sheet for August FY09 Expenses to date are $393.18 and an available balance of $5,717.28.

    FY2008 Profit Report reports  (974.21).

    Matt has the Bank Statements available at each meeting for necessary/requested reviews.

Volunteer Coordinators – Margie Watts and Darlene Pokorny

Need food for Teachers during Conference Nights

    BookFair is 10/27 – 11/7.  Mrs. Billow will need volunteers and also will need volunteers for set-up – would like to set up October 24 (no school that day).

    Skating Party – need volunteers to work door and collect tickets

    Family Fun Night (setup and food)

Principal Announcements – Jerry Stewart

    Mr. Stewart reported that PTO had passed a motion last Spring to support PTO with $2,000 for the PBS t-shirts, but PBS still needs more funds – PTO motioned and approved to support with an additional $350 to help with t-shirts, but cannot do more than that until we see what fundraisers bring in.

Conger now has 394 students

Adding new kindergarten class, new aide for first grade

    Jerry asked about new indoor recess sets for new classes – however parents agreed that they could supply extras from home, personal donations etc.

    Thursday, October 30 has been set for the Parade of Book Characters.  Students will dress as Book Characters and parade through school or on playground.  Parade at 2 pm and classroom parties will follow.  Please no parents in rooms before 1:45pm

    Report Cards will be sent home 10/31

    State Report card is Effective – only falling 2% below Excellent rating.  New data has been received to help move in a new direction.

    Met Adequate Standard rating.

    Facilities Committee has asked for input with a survey for strategic planning.  Jerry distributed those to parents – asked for return this week.

    Specifically thanked Gail Woller for her work in the Campbells Label Program last year – raised 4,755points which was spent on playground balls, soccer balls, basketballs and new label bin. 

    Jerry reminded PTO of form needed for reserving meeting spaces.

    New staff members (with the exception of 2 who were unable to attend at this time) were introduced.

Box Tops/Labels – Megan Hill and Darlene Pokorny

Recruited new PTO member to assist. – Megan Robine

    Contest ending 9/26 – reminder going out this week.  We are already ½ way over our goal.

Market Day – Nick Eyerman and Megan Hill

    Nick explained Market Day and asked for more volunteers for pick-up night.

Staff Report

Nothing new requested

Secret Santa Chair – Paula Eyerman

    Paula briefly explained what Secret Santa was.  Date has been set for Saturday December 6, 2008. 

    Volunteers are needed in every area – distributed a sheet clarifying roles and will have more next meeting on vendors we can ask for Raffle prizes.

    Inventory on shopping area completed – purchases will be limited this year due to funds and supply on hand.  Still need to inventory crafts.  Several people volunteered services/assistance.

    Minutes respectfully submitted by Paula D. Eyerman, September 9, 2008