October 2007 Meeting Minutes

Helping enhance the education of our children

October 9, 2007  PTO Minutes

Mary Bowe filled in for Stephanie Pauley as Secretary.  Minutes from the September meeting were distributed to all of those in attendance.

President’s Report:
Fall fundraiser pick-up will be Friday, October 26th.
Top 4 sellers will have their choice of a zoo pass, COSI pass, Dinner ($30) and Bare Bowl ($30) package, or a gift card to Magic Mountain.
We received several fundraiser order forms without student names on them.

New Business:
Still need volunteers for the Fall Book Fair.  See Amanda Stabely to sign up.

See Amanda to sign up to bring food for the staff on Conference night Oct. 11th.  PTO will be ordering food for the following week’s conference night.

Volunteer release forms are new this year and went out with students last week.

PTO will be sponsoring a Family Skate Night at Big Walnut Skate Club on Nov. 15th.  We will have door prizes, cost to skate will be $2 per person (tentative).

Tina asked about doing a school carnival.  Mr. Stewart stated that many volunteers would be needed.  We will discuss this more in the future and see if there is enough parent interest and volunteers available to do a carnival.

Katrina Strubler will start opening the school store on Fridays.  Volunteers are needed to help with this and to serve as back-ups.

Allyson Walters asked about Conger doing the “Accelerated Reader” program.  Mr. Stewart said it would need to involve the District.  PTO is exploring ways to increase literacy and writing in the classrooms.

PTO purchased flowers and teddy bears for the Tomasi family who lost their father/husband in an auto accident last week. 

PTO bought green Conger Pride T-shirts as part of the PBS program.

PTO suggestion box – put any ideas or suggestions in to be read and discussed at future PTO meetings.

PTO voted on and unanimously approved the new bylaws.

We have received several donations via PayPal on the PTO website.

Vice President’s Report:
Paula Eyerman will research other fundraiser options.  Some parents have expressed other ideas rather than using the typical catalog of items.  Some suggestions given include a bake sale, rummage sale, pancake breakfast, family fun nights, running concession stand at soccer and other youth sports events, photo DVD of school activities & events that PTO can sell to parents, etc.

Treasurer’s Report:
Current balance is $2949.33.  Matt Williams discussed proposed additions to the revised bylaws: Expenditures over $250 must be approved by PTO majority vote.  Expenditures of $250 and below may be approved by at least 2 members of PTO Executive Board.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Amanda passed around sign-up sheets for Secret Santa, Book Fair and food for Conference Night.  Thank you to everyone who has donated time and food for these events.

Principals Announcements:
Hot dog party last week for the summer reading program participants was well received by those who earned it.

Book Fair starts October 10th.

Conference Night this Thursday and next Thursday.

No school on Oct. 19th.

Week of Oct 22nd is Red Ribbon Week.

October 26th is Fall Literacy Festival Day.  Students can wear their green pride t-shirts and bring their costumes to school. (Also fundraiser pick-up that evening after school.)

Nov. 2nd is early release day at 1:30.

Nov. 5th Report Cards go home.  1/4th of school fees need to be paid.

Box Tops / Labels:
Turn in all box tops by Oct. 26th for the box tops contest.  Soup labels – need to turn in the bar code area now, not the face of the label as was previously used.

Market Day:
We need 74 customers this month to earn 400 new books for our school. Sept. profit was $291.80.  November will be pie bonus day.  Our goal is to sell 500 pies.

Staff Report:
Paula McCue thanked PTO for their support and all that we do to help students succeed.

Secret Santa:
Mary Bowe explained Secret Santa, hours being 9-1:30, using punch cards instead of individual tickets, and getting donations. 
Many volunteers are needed to prepare and organize this event as well as the various areas the day of Secret Santa.