November 2008 Meeting Minutes

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President’s Report, Tina Melvin:

·Skate party was a huge success! PTO spent $102 and it was a great payoff for the students!

·Book Fair: Thank you to all the volunteers and we hope to see you in the Spring for PTO’s bookfair

·Fundraiser: Great success, had some returns but minimal compared to the sales

·Stephanie Pauley made a motion to pass financial support of COSI on Wheels and Columbus Zoo assemblies

oMotion seconded by Paula Eyerman

oVOTE: YES passed

·Discussed having committees for larger projects such as assemblies, bookfair, Social committee and Teach Appreciation Week—Volunteers needed to head up each committee

Treasurer’s Report, Matt Williams:

·How do we plan on spending some of the funds in our account?

oPlayground equipment

oTeacher’ games for indoor recess for the winter months (We need to improve the order process to eliminate confusion and time consumption in purchasing items) Allyson suggested compiling list of items from several stores and have teachers choose from a list of available items (everyone is in favor of that idea, Jerry Stewart, principal, will speak with the teachers at the staff meeting)

oTina motioned for $50 spending per teacher and Allyson seconded the motion.

§VOTE:YES passed

·Current Available balance: $10,824.96

Secret Santa Chair, Paula Eyerman:

·Passed around volunteer signup sheet for Secret Santa

oOnly Pre-approved individuals (PTO Board members) may handle money at PTO functions

oDiscussed set-up time night before (Jerry Stewart said we should be able to do so, early in the day again this year)

oAbility to order personalized books at Secret Santa

oChecking into Delaware Hayes Pacer Pals assistance for day of Secret Santa

·Tina Melvin mentioned sponsoring 80 students with financial need w/ $20 voucher for shopping, meal ticket and 5 raffle tickets, and choice of craft or face painting

oStephanie motioned, Paula Eyerman seconded

oVOTE: YES passed

Principal Announcements, Jerry Stewart:

·He is polling teachers on what can make an educational impact on students (will bring results next meeting)

·Possible need for Smart Boards/additional need in other classrooms

·Holiday help for needy families: Donations from Wal-Mart last year to be dispersed

·$300 towards Secret Santa donation from Masons

·Hoggy’s is adopting family for the holidays

·School Safety drill to be held on 11/12/2008

oDelaware Police Department will be on site

·Thanksgiving Break

·Holiday Parties for classrooms December 19th 2:15 pm

oNo volunteers/classroom advocates prior to 2:00 pm

Box Tops/Labels, Megan Hill:

·About 5,000 turned in – more contests in February or March

o$75 shy of our year goal (ahead of pace)

o$1,000 for December

Market Day Report, Nick Eyerman:

·Made $267 in October

·We can earn 15% on pies (hoping to have some success with this campaign)