January 2009 Meeting Minutes

January 2009 Meeting Minutes


January 13, 2009 - Conger Elementary

Absent:Allyson Walters and Stephanie Pauley

Secretary Report

Presidents Report:Tina Melvin

Old Business

Secret Santa was a hit – thanks to the Eyermans and all who helped. It appears we made about $2,400 on the event before subtracting out the fundraiser items. Thank you notes were passed from the 3rd grade class.

Games, puzzles and toys for indoor recess were delivered – greatly appreciated.Went over budget by about $18 a class.

Teachers Holiday gifts of Lanyards were appreciated

New Business

Bookfair – February 9 – 20th

Tina Melvin will be Chair (since Mrs. Billows has a lot of the organizational items ready).Setup will be Friday February 6th.

Mrs. Billows has a sheet of Planning, set-up, and suggestions.The theme will be “Reading Can Make You a Star” – a “lights, action, camera” theme.

We will use the Scholastic employees to help set-up and tear down since they have it available.

Conference nights will be the only night there will be non-book items available.

Noted that IF we have a snow day on these evenings we willkeep the bookfair items until the conferences are rescheduled.

A schedule was passed around seeking volunteers – only need volunteers during the days on the first week of the bookfair.The times are when the classes normally have their library special.Mrs. Billow will handle the 2nd and 3rd weeks during school hours.

Volunteers during the first week will then call the volunteers scheduled for the next days time slots to make sure they will be coming in.

PTO motioned and approved vouchers for the students

$5 vouchers for Pre-K through 2nd grade

$7 vouchers for 3rd and 4th grade

Vouchers will be distributed by the teachers, but kept at school with the teachers.A note will go home informing them of the vouchers.

Volunteers are needed on February 23rd for putting the library back in order.

Parent/Teacher conferences on February 10th and 19th.

PTO will again supply food, however it will be ordered in and PTO volunteers can supplement drinks and desserts.One parent mentioned it is nice to use some of the smaller catering businesses in town for such events.

Debbie Collett will handle the arrangements for Tuesday Feb 10th and Tina Melvin will handle arrangements for Thursday Feb 19th.There are 40- 45 staff members.

Zoo Date and COSI

Tina will call both and see what dates they have available.At this time the best scheduling times for Conger is any Thursday during May.Tina will ask for the available dates and we will need to see what works with the school schedule.

Spring Fundraiser

Will be discussed at next meeting – possibly Marcos Pizza, Little Caesars or Joe Corbis.Allyson Walters will call for pricing and information.

Friendship Party

Discussion on the bottled water and how some teachers liked it and others thought it was a lot of waste.For future we need to discuss further and find a happy medium.(See Mr. Stewarts report for more information on parties.)

Treasurer – Matt Williams

Matt reviewed the Income/Expense Sheet for January FY09 - available balance of $12,780.64

5-7 months still until 501c3.

Matt has the bank statements available at each meeting for necessary/requested reviews.

Principal Announcements - Jerry Stewart

Conger now has 390 students

No school on Friday Feb 16th- Teacher Workday or Monday February 19th for Martin Luther King Day.

Report Cards will be sent home January 23rd

Jerry had a meeting with the BAC (Building Advisory Committee) and discussed the Holiday Party and class parties in general.The Holiday party needs to be “toned down” as goodies (food) were in abundance.PTO discussed possible ways of doing this, as the classroom advocates are to be handling.Possibility of sign-up sheets at parent night or having pre-approval on what is to be brought.PTO would like it to be up to the teachers as how they handle it.PTO is happy to supply what is needed, drinks etc. but more discussion needs to take place.

One teacher is again (on her own initiative) tutoring students and PTO last year sent a thank you and a gift card. PTO will again do this and voted on a $150 gift card from Krogers to assist the teacher with snacks.

Super Bowl of Garage Sales is coming up this weekend from 8 – 12 pm.They are in need of volunteers on Saturday from 10 – 12:30.Mindy Rich reiterated what a nice event it was for some needy families in the area.Donations are still being accepted through Thursday January 15th.

Teacher wish list from PTO consisted of Smart Boards ($2,700 for 1 entire set-up) and ELMO (document camera) ($1,400 for one).We currently have 4 Smart Boards.PTO will discuss more at next meeting.

February dates include a long weekend February 14, 15, 16th and early release day is February 25th

March 10th is a PTO meeting night however it is also Kindergarten kick-off.Both begin at 7 pm.Jerry Stewart will not be able to attend the PTO meeting due to this commitment.PTO had the choice of changing times or dates, but chose to keep on schedule and will handle without Mr. Stewart.

Box Tops/Labels 

Box Tops brought in $935.23.

Market Day – Nick Eyerman and Megan Hill

Paula Eyerman reported for Nick Eyerman.Major concern on payments being made prior to Market Day Pick-up.Last Market Day PTO almost had to write a check for the order.There is not a problem with the others eventually being paid for however it needs to be announced that they need to be paid prior to or on pick-up night.Mr. Stewart will also inform the Conger staff. Next incentive program is spending $3,000 and receiving a $250 Barnes and Noble gift certificate for the school.

Secret Santa Chair – Paula Eyerman

Nothing to report

Minutes respectfully submitted by Paula D. Eyerman, January 13, 2009