April 2009 Meeting Minutes

Helping enhance the education of our children

April 14, 2009 PTO Minutes

Absent:Stephanie Pauley

Frankenmuth Fundraising

  • Jean from Frankenmuth Fundraising presented information for a Fall Fundraiser. If Conger signs by next month we will receive a bonus of $500 worth of items or 5% extra earnings (except for the flowers/bulbs).For the Snowman or Home and Kitchen brochure earnings are 50%; Jean left a flyer with Allyson Walters on all their programs and earnings.PTO will vote next month.

Secretary Report

Presidents Report:Tina Melvin

Vice President Report:Allyson Walters

Old Business

  • Fundraiser winners announced – Tyler Alex was top seller; Pizza Party winners by class are PM Pre-School; Volkovitsch – pm kindergarten; Ms. Bik – 1st grade; Ms. Kuhn – 2nd grade; Mrs. Tooth – 3rd grade and Mrs. Schmelmer – 4th grade.
  • Dictionaries for 3rd grade were purchased – additional thanks to Stephanie Pauley for generous donation. Mr. Stewart announced that bookplates have been put on these in recognition.
  • Family Dance is coming up May 1 at Dempsey – volunteers needed for door, photographer, Animal Land, Crafts, Basketball and Refreshments.Allyson sending out a flyer with details and asking for volunteers.
  • Staff Appreciation Week – Debbie Collet is in charge and doing a great job.Schedule was distributed for days and activities.Sunday – decorate school; Monday – red carpet walk and breakfast; Tuesday – letter from students and Car Detailing; Wednesday – potluck lunch; Thursday – scrapbook to staff and ad in The Delaware Gazette and Friday – dessert for all and Bags/Aprons to teachers.
  • Field Day – Margie Watts will be in charge.PTO’s part consists of Team based activities. Volunteers needed for set-up.Paula Eyerman will send out note asking for volunteers.

New Business

  • COSI is coming May 21, 2009 – topics are current conditions – weather related.Only for grades 1 – 4.PTO motioned and approved funds not to exceed $1,000 for COSI for this spring – (PTO approved for next year at past meeting, but not the current year.)Volunteers are needed for the event – Paula Eyerman will send out note asking for volunteers.
  • Nominations are coming up for 2009-10 year.Nomination forms were distributed and collected.
  • Committee chairs will be added for next year and will meet 15 minutes on PTO meeting night. (These are not official positions)
  • DACC students will volunteer for future – they are not available for our 5/18 events.
  • RAD kids for Conger was brought up and will be further researched
  • New to-be parent attended and stated that e-mail on website never returned a reply – PTO needs to check on where those e-mails are sent.

Treasurer – Matt Williams

  • Distributed Income/Expense spreadsheet
  • Outstanding expenses still exist for CIAD shirts, dictionaries and the Fundraiser pizza parties.
  • Books are open to view

Principal Announcements – Jerry Stewart

  • Mr. Stewart announced COSI coming to school (see above notes)
  • Discussed with the Superintendent that there are 4 early release dates and they can be hard on parents so changes will be made – parents gave input on having those be accumulated into 1 day vs. 2 hours due to childcare issues.
  • Summer Enrichment Academy for summer is approaching – week of June 22, 2009 for grades 2nd – 6th.
  • Levy tax signs were available for upcoming May 5th vote.
  • New Ohio’s Passenger Safety Law becomes effective in October 2009.
  • OAT testing will be the last 2 weeks of April
  • April 30th will be a SACC safety extravaganza also involving a bike raffle, free helmets
  • May 1 is Conger Family Fun Night
  • May 7 is talent show tryout
  • May 14 is talent show
  • May 12 – author visit
  • May 14 Historical Trip
  • May 18 – Field Day
  • All upcoming events are posted on the website and listed in the Conger newsletter.
  • Request from 4th grade for a trip to the Central Ohio Symphony – May 8, 2009 – asked for $200.PTO is not funding this event since we have already funded shirts for the 4th grade CIAD. Mr. Stewart assured PTO that they would have another source for funding this event.
  • There are currently 404 students registered at Conger.

Box Tops/Labels

  • online credits are available through the Campbell website

Market Day – Nick Eyerman and Megan Hill

Staff Report – Mrs. Bik

  • 1st grade have a zoo field trip coming up; PTO motioned and approved expenditure not to exceed $308 for this function.

Secret Santa Chair – Paula Eyerman

  • Paula Eyerman asked if the date for 2009-10 could be changed from the current 1st weekend in May.More discussion to come, but the 2nd weekend might work.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Paula D. Eyerman, May 2, 2009